Elixir Engineer


Teller is the API for bank accounts. Our API enables developers to build applications that connect with their users’ bank accounts in a manner that is many more times reliable, predictable, performant, and fair than anything else available.

Elixir Engineers are responsible for everything from building the dashboards, onboarding flows, embedded hardware projects, and billing through to building the API itself and implementing new bank integrations alongside the Reverse Engineers on the Teller Red Team.

**About you**

* You thrive in environments that afford you with high levels of responsibility and autonomy.

* You hold yourself and those you work with to high standards.

* You want to fulfil your potential to its fullest, grow as a developer and as a person to be the best you that you can be.

* You don’t look for excuses for why something can’t be done, you are the person who finds the way it can be done.

* If a skill that you don’t possess is required to complete a task you’re the kind of person who goes off and learns enough to get it done.

* You behave like an owner. You take total responsibility for what you work on and think of the bigger picture like a product manager would.

* You are results oriented and have a strong distaste for shaving yaks.

* You are a persuasive communicator. You are both succinct and direct. You are clear about what you are doing, why, and what you expect of others.

* You have strong opinions, weakly held, and the humility to change your mind according to the evidence as it presents itself.

* You have experience of writing applications in Elixir.




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