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Senior Front End Engineer

Huddle HQ

Huddle is looking for an engineer to join its founding team. You would be responsible for the architecture and development of our product, and would have a deep impact on the company's strategy and huge ownership over its technical stack. Over a 1-year horizon, and as the company is growing, this position may grow into one of head of engineering / VP of engineering.

Must haves:

* A great work ethic

* Solid communication skills (important when working remotely)

* At least 2 years of experience as an engineer

* Experience in computer graphics or gaming development. Can be any of

* OpenGL

* WebGL

* DirectX

* Vulcan

* ThreeJS

* PixiJS

* Unity

* Flash

Nice to haves — experience in:

* Typescript

* NodeJS + Express

* React / Angular / Vue

If interested, send an email with your resume or LinkedIn to [email protected] 

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